TELL Srl | Image processing management & control
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Image processing management & control

Choose the package of services including Peppers or only Peppers.


Peppers is a platform which is ideal for Publishers who have to deal with many images.


No matter if images are processed in-house or by external suppliers, or with a combination of the two.
Peppers manages, tracks and provides control on all types of automatic and manual activities.

It is integrated with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, WoodWing Enterprise and vjoon K4.
Images can be treated both as separate elements and as part of a layout, issue, publication.

Peppers triggers both the automatic processes that are executed by standard tools like Claro, Amendo, Binuscan (colour management, image enhancement, etc.) and the manual activities that have to be executed by people.

Specific instructions and tasks can be provided for any image or set of images.

Quantities of images and quantity of activities are counted by type of activity (crops, photo mounting, etc.).
Execution times and costs are calculated by type of activity, image, layout, issue, publication, user.

The Publisher gets full control on the process, can further optimize it and avail of data which can be very useful also for predictive purposes.
Often we think that some processes are already at best. It is good news to know that Peppers helps you in making them even better.

Choose to get a package of image processing services, plus the data provided by Peppers,
or to get Peppers as a solution.
Peppers can be provided:

  • in subscription mode, or
  • with end-user license for unlimited time, or
  • TELL can provide to Partners packages of services of manual and automatic images processing, plus the data provided by Peppers as a service.