TELL Srl | Performance Monitoring for Publishers
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Performance Monitoring for Publishers

Glass Performance Monitoring

We provide the service through our Glass Performance Monitoring platform.

Glass is an Applications Performance Monitoring which represents for Publishers a unique point where all data from IT systems and applications are collected and where analytics tools are made available to:

  • allow IT Managers to monitor systems, prevent issues, restore instances, measure the use of licenses and take actions
  • allow Heads of Production (editorial, prepress, advertising, etc.) to monitor, measure, optimize, predict, act
  • allow Publishers to take decisions

Glass collects data from applications like WoodWing Enterprise, vjoon K4, InDesign Server, Peppers (collaborative platform for images processing) and the like and provides:

  • real time representations of data
  • dashboards with historical data analysis results

The service which Glass provides to Publisher has a clear and measurable ROI.